What customizing means? is the first online store in India bringing this facility for our customers. In customization, any customer can send his/her requirements regarding bangle customization if in case they don’t find a suitable product on the website. Suppose if a bride wants customized bangle set or a customized Choora of her own choice, at that point in time customization comes into the picture.

This is to provide our customers the best shopping experience as you can have in physical shopping and that too by sitting on your most comfortable seat. We are working towards bringing our store to your doorstep and providing exactly what you want without imposing what we want to sell.

After receiving your request, we will work upon the same and will try to provide you an update in 24hrs.

For any order that you want, either mail us or fill the requirement form attached on website or can call us. The more information you’ll provide us about what you need, the better we’ll be able to deliver.

The policies, terms & conditions, delivery SLAs will be same as normal shopping.

For further clarity, please refer below FAQs. If you still have some doubts or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the difference between bulk order and customization?

Customization is for the end user customer and the ones who are not willing to buy in good quantity.

The concept of customization is to give customer experience of physical shopping while sitting at his/her most comfortable seat. Also, special discounts or concessions will not be applicable on the customization.

The concept of bulk order is for traders or wholesalers or for ones who really need good quantity for some function or marriage. Special discounts and concessions will be applicable on this. And minimum cart value should be Rs. 20,000.

What if customization products value turns out more than Rs. 20,000?

We will consider the order as the bulk order and special discounts and concessions will be applicable.

Do you do customization of jewelry?

We are into customization of only bangles, Choora, Kalire and not artificial jewelry. Though, we would more than welcome enquiries for artificial jewelry as well. It happens that we have stock in our warehouse but is not uploaded on website. You might get lucky and have what you craving for.